Q&A: Phillip Isola on the art and science of generative models

If you’ve ever wondered what a loaf of bread would look like as a cat, edges2cats is for you. The program that turns sketches into images of cats is one of many whimsical creations inspired by Phillip Isola’s image-to-image translation software released in the early days of generative adversarial networks, or GANs. In a 2016 paper, Isola and his colleagues […]

CrateDB 2.0 Adds Clustering Upgrades and SQL Enhancements to Its Database Solution for IoT and Machine Data – Cloud Computing Today

On May 16, Crate.io announced the availability of CrateDB 2.0, an open source SQL database that specializes in IoT and machine data. The innovation of CrateDB consists in leveraging SQL to aggregate and perform real-time analytics on IoT and machine data instead of the NoSQL databases commonly used in the industry for related use cases. […]

Cracking open the black box of automated machine learning

Researchers from MIT and elsewhere have developed an interactive tool that, for the first time, lets users see and control how automated machine-learning systems work. The aim is to build confidence in these systems and find ways to improve them. Designing a machine-learning model for a certain task — such as image classification, disease diagnoses, […]

Sencha’s ExtReact Empowers React Developers to Create Impressive UI Components for Web-based Applications – Cloud Computing Today

Last week, Sencha announced details of ExtReact, a platform that enables React developers to create visually appealing, data-intensive web applications. ExtReact streamlines and simplifies the addition of impressive user interface components to SaaS applications by rendering available more than 115 user interface components. Developers can use ExtReact to manage keyboard navigation, focus management, layout and […]

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